All Jackpots Casino Is Giving Away Free Spins

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Every summer, tons of online casino sites put out promotions to draw players in. All Jackpots is doing just that with its three free spins incentive. This applies to some of its most popular Microgaming slots- Golden Princess, Terminator 2 and Avalon.

Those who win the promotion- and there will be many winners- are allowed to spin once on all three slots, for free. The promotion is running all the way until the end of June, which may mean the site is saving some space for additional summer incentives. The promotion is broken up into a few smaller segments, and each segment will allow for new sets of winners.

All Jackpots is calling the promotion Pharaoh’s Treasure, and the rules of the contests stipulate that certain requirements must be met to be considered a winner. The first promotion runs from June 10th through the 13th. If you only play 2-5 games in that time, you get to open a treasure chest. Players who try 6-10 games are able to open two treasure chests. Those who play 11 or more games can open the top prize of three chests.

But the requirements don’t actually stop there. To be eligible for the prize, players also have to place at least 10 bets during the promotion period. Once they meet all the requirements for the promotion, they will be able to access their reward once the next promotional period begins.

The second tier of promotions begins on June 14th and runs through June 16th. All the same rules apply, and players can earn all new treasure chests during this period. Once the successive period starts, players can unlock their prize from the previous period, if they have earned one. Each period starts fresh and gives players plenty of opportunity to unlock more and more chests, resulting in free spins from the Pharaoh’s Treasure promotion.

There are actually a lot of different prizes to be won by opening the treasure chests. But the best ones are those that offer free spins on the games Avalon, Golden Princess and Terminator 2. Those are going to be the prizes that most players are hoping to win. For those who do win the free spins, they can use all their spins on a single game or spread them out between the three games. All Jackpots offers all three games as instant downloads or as games that can be accessed directly through their site.

Unfortunately, only Avalon is available to mobile players, but those players can still access the other slots through a desktop at any time. Other prizes included in the promotion consist of credits (up to 100 possible credits), loyalty point modifiers and more. Before any players try the promotion out, they should read All Jackpots’ terms and conditions to make sure they understand the rules.

New players who have not signed up for an account with All Jackpots will receive a great introductory bonus when they open an account.

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