1-3-2-6 Betting System

There are a number of different betting systems that casino players employ. Here is a look at one of the most common ones being used by experts and inexperienced users alike. The 1-3-2-6 betting system is designed to keep losses to minimum.

With this betting system the player ups their bet each time they make a winning bet. The system goes into play once the player has won a round and continues for four winning rounds in a row. The betting system starts over once a losing bet is placed. With this system, losses are kept very low, and the player will never lose anything in excess of two units each bet.

When to Use It

This system is designed to work in any casino game that employs even money bets. With this system you only place money on even money bets and no others. It is ideal for craps and roulette.

Deciding What Your Betting Unit Should Be

When using this betting system, it is up to the player to set their betting units. A good place to start is with the casino’s minimum bet, but those with a large bankroll to work from may want to start bigger. At any rate, each unit being bet cannot be smaller than what the casino requires as a minimum bet.

Placing Bets with This System

The player palaces a single unit (let’s use $10 as an example here) until the player wins a round. Then the player ups that to three units for the next round (that’s $30). If that bet wins, then the player bets two units ($20) on the following round. If the third round is successful and the bet wins, the player will bet six units (or $60) for the fourth round. The bet is not increased for the following round. Instead, the bet starts over again at one unit. The outcome of each round determines if the player continues with the cycle or starts over from the beginning.

The Risk of This System

This system does limit how much you can win by only six units on the fourth round. But it also keeps your losses to a minimum as well. This may seem frustrating for players who are on a winning streak, but they will appreciate the system when their streak runs out and they haven’t managed to lose everything they have. Using this system, only two units from your original stash are ever put on the line. Even though your wins are kept to a reasonable level, so too are your losses.

With this system, if you manage to lose four times in a row, you can quickly make that back in a simple four-round winning streak. This ensures that you come out on top more often than not and keep your losses to a manageable level.