Players Are Migrating En Masse to Golden Riviera

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If you look at online casino sites in Canada, Australia and a few other places around the world, you will see that a lot of players are migrating from one site to another. They aren’t necessarily doing so because they want to but because a few large sites are closing down.

These are targeted migrations, where one site is directing its players to another because it can no longer support them. Golden Riviera is getting the most new players, and the majority of those are coming in from 777 Dragon Casino as well as River Nile Casino. Australian players are being redirected over to Casino Mate, which is one of the Microgaming-powered sites that are affiliates of Golden Riviera.

Russian players from 777 Dragon Casino and River Nile casino are being sent to Crazy Vegas Casino, while Canadian players are being funneled over to Maple Casino. For those players using the closing sites in any other countries, Golden Riviera Casino will be their new home. The site is about to see a massive influx of players, and what has already come their way will seem like only a trickle in comparison.

The migration is happening because of site closure, but the sites players are being sent to are chosen because of how similar they are to what was being closed. This lets players enjoy a similar online casino environment with some of the same games and framework. This means they won’t have to deal with a lot of changes, or at least not as many as if they had chosen a new site to try for themselves.

This is advantageous of the company that owns the closing sites, because they get to keep their players as they transition them to the new sites. Not all of the players are going to move over, but a majority of them are likely to, allowing the operators to retain their customer base as they continue to run the new sites. They don’t want their players to be left without a site or, even worse, moving to competitors’ sites

The reason for the closure is simple, as the sites 777 Dragon and River Nile were bought up by Golden Riviera’s parent company at the same time. It was an effort to crunch down on their competition while pulling in an established customer base. The parent company also owns all the other localized migratory sites, allowing them to direct all the customers from the closing sites to new or already established sites that are appropriate for them. The migration is meant to be seamless, allowing players to use their same accounts, usernames and information to go to the new sites. That means that all they have to do to start playing on the new sites is to download a client or application. All the promotions, contests and welcome packages will be open to the migrating players, giving them some great incentives to make the move.

The Microgaming software has been a big part of Golden Riviera Casino for a while, and they have established themselves as a company with a great reputation. Their sites offer a ton of popular online casino games, including blackjack, baccarat, slots, and tons of other favorites. Bonus offers are available for new and migrating players, incentivizing them to try out what Golden Riviera has to offer.

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