Poker Guide – Where and How to Play Poker Online

Interested in learning about poker? You’ve come to the right place! There are dozens of variations of this challenging card game. We have hundreds of articles and guides on how to play online poker games.

Texas Holdem

In our Texas Holdem Guide, we have over 700 question and answer pages about the game of Texas Holdem. In all, there are over 800,000 words in this massive guide. Learn how to play poker, including methods to win, hand rankings (which is the best poker hand?), how to bluff, rules and how to play various hands in our poker school. By reading these Texas Holdem articles you can gain a depth of insight that will improve your game and let you win more often.

How to Bet on Poker Online

Some people want to play for free, others want to bet for real money. Do you want information on the best way to bet on poker over the internet? Here is a full explanation of how to wager on poker online. The article instructs on how to:

  • Find a decent online casino.
  • How you can upload “money”, or pay for your initial bets, online.
  • The best, most credible casinos to gamble on poker at.
  • How to withdraw the money you have won playing mobile poker.

Best Casinos for Online Poker

Are you playing just for fun or wanting do you prefer a cash game? Do you want a place where you can play for free until you get the hang of it? Or perhaps you prefer to research the best casinos for playing poker. Regardless, here you can find the information on live casinos you’re looking for. Each listed casino features poker as a mainstay of their offerings. Discover all variants and the best places to play them at the link above.

Alternatively, you can use the list below which has been tailored to your country:

Top Rated Casinos
Payout Rate
  • Accepts US Players
Payout Rate
  • Accepts US Players
Payout Rate
  • Accepts US Players
Payout Rate
  • Accepts US Players
Payout Rate
  • Accepts US Players

Playing Poker Just for Fun

Not in it for the money? No problem! Many casinos have free-to-download and free-to-play apps, and we are going to tell you which ones are the best! If you want to play poker just for fun, visit this page and we explain all your options. You can play in browsers, by downloading apps and we explain how to do it in full detail. No money is required or expected. Pit yourself against players from all over the world, play against live people and just for fun!

Free to Download, Free to Play Poker

Why would casinos put out such fantastically designed completely free apps for mobile and browser games? One would guess that, after you have played and won with fake money against real people, that you would eventually switch to wagering real money to win big. However, there’s no requirement that you ever do that. As mentioned above, there are many people who only want to play for fun. We have an extensive article explaining how you can play poker for free online, and free to download their mobile app.

Poker Games Online – Different Variants

There are many different poker games, a few variants of poker include: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven card Stud, Razz, Five-card draw, Omaha Hi-Lo, Triple Draw, HORSE and each of those types have even more variants. Here we have a list of poker games and information about each one. Learn the difference between Texas Hold’em, Omaha and different types, selecting the one you believe fits your desired play style. We even show you online casinos where you can play each variant!

How to Play Poker Online

Many people would love to dip their toes in the water and learn to play poker online. People have different motives for this, some want to make money. Some enjoy the strategy of winning. Others love meeting people from across the world and the social aspect of playing. Regardless of your motives, we have a page dedicated to learning how to play poker online. This is not how to win (check the next section for how to do that), but more along the lines of the “online” aspects of it (which casinos are good, how to fund your account, the best games to play and how to withdraw your winnings).

How to Win Playing Poker

Here comes the advice on how to win playing poker online! Which games should you play at which casinos? Here we present tips and advice for winning, using various betting systems and advanced tactics to win. If you are unsure of your abilities, begin playing for free until you know what you’re doing. As you advance yourself with our advice, wager real money through remote gambling if that’s your eventual goal, when you feel confident in your abilities. While some people use third party software to help them make choices, as your skill increases you’ll find you can win table games without it.

Make Money Online with Poker

Poker is a game of chance, where a certain amount of skill, knowing the odds and bluffing can influence the outcome of who wins. If you consider yourself good enough to win consistently, and have thought about making a serious amount of money by instant play gambling online, you certainly can win real money and receive cash bonuses in online casinos. We show you how to make money by playing poker online. Many casinos offer bonuses for first time players, making it less risky to place your initial bets. Visit the preceding link for credible casinos offering signup bonuses to get you started making money online.

Poker No Deposit Bonus

Casinos regularly offer bonuses, while sometimes they are based on deposits — many offer various incentives, spins and bonuses without needing to deposit money. These are known as “no deposit bonuses”, and we have a page dedicated to all available bonuses offered by online casinos that do not require a deposit. Check out our no deposit bonus page for our extensive list.

Where to Play Poker Online?

Where are the best online casinos in order to play online poker? We answer this question here, with a list of reviewed casinos that offer poker and live betting. We also give you links that allow you to receive various bonus offers the casinos will honor. Review our list and select an online casino that offers a convenient way of tracking down the best locations for online poker. Different casinos have various deposit limits specifying how much you can fund your account with that varies depending on your origin country, payment type, whether a first time customer and other variables.

Play Poker for Real Money Online

While there are many who are in it for fun or socializing, a good portion of people who want to play online for real money. If that includes you, you’re probably looking for the best casinos that offer welcome bonuses, sign up bonuses and other incentives for real cash. Fortunately, we have exactly that — a well-groomed list of all the best places to play for real money as a cash game. Learn about the different payment methods to fund your account.

Is Online Poker Rigged?

This is a complex subject we discuss in the interest of responsible gaming. We wrote an entire article discussing the various cases where it is possible for online sites to be rigged, where various sites were actually caught being rigged. This is something that is covered by the UK gambling commission. There are two subjects to discuss, one is the casino itself potentially frauding you, and another is players cheating by playing multiple hands at the same table and sharing information. Should that prevent you from enjoying poker online? For the most part, no — online poker is safe, casinos are licensed and regulated, checked out by gambling commissions, and there are safeguards in place to prevent poker players from coordinating and encourage responsible gambling, which is discussed in the article linked to below.

One of the requirements casinos face is having to report how much money people actually win, where you can see “rake back” and see just how much money a casino makes vs how much is returned to players. In general, you can play online games with confidence that they are legitimate, but also read to learn how games could potentially be rigged so you understand what you’re getting into.

Poker Sites Online

If you’re interested in learning about poker, playing poker or anything else to do with the subject, check out our poker sites page. It is a list of popular poker sites that will bring you up to speed in no time! The best places to play poker, learn about poker, study the rules and win real money by playing can all be found here.

Poker Strategy

On the surface, poker appears to be a random game of chance. However, once you delve into the various strategies for playing for fun, for money, both high stakes and low end games with fake money, you realize that there is an enormous amount of skill involved in poker strategy. Unlike slots, there is a great amount of skill involved in consistently winning this card game. As a reminder, we have over 700 question and answer series on Texas Holdem alone. Learn from that and much more by going to the link above.

Poker Tips

Looking for bite-sized chunks of advice on how to better your game? From how to bluff to official poker rules, we cover it all on our poker tips and advice page. This page focuses on how to win when playing the many variants of poker. Reading this guide will sharpen your skills and help you to win more consistently, rake in more cash or have more fun — whatever your goal may be.

Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are live events where the big money in poker lies. The idea of conventional poker is people sit at a table and bid their chips until they’re satisfied with their outcome (or wish to cut their losses). In tournaments, people play until their chips are gone, one person must win all the chips at the table — and then progress to the next table. This goes for a set period of tables. At the end, one winner takes all at the final table. It is riskier in that only one person wins, regardless of how many starting players there are. This provides the maximum payoff, with the winner often raking in millions of dollars. Learn more about tournaments, like where is the next poker tour? Discover how you can join one at the listed link.

Top UK Casinos

The beauty of gambling online is that you can play from anywhere in the world where local laws allow you to play. Therefore, while we list the top casinos in the UK — keep in mind you can likely play at them even if you are located in another country (other than the US). Check out our list of UK casinos here. We feature those that have welcome bonuses for new players as well as other incentives, giving you the maximum benefit as you start to play poker online.

Video Poker

Video poker is something that is different than typical poker but similar in other ways. In video poker, there is one player (you) vs a computer. Where usually in regular poker, there is only “winning” and “losing”, video poker has different levels of “winning”. Certain hands that are more difficult to get, that are more difficult odds-wise to get, pay larger amounts of money. There are other things that differ, check out our page on video poker for the details on this casino game favorite.