Romanian Online Casino Sites Face New Regulations

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Romania is cracking down on online gambling sites that aren’t adhering it its current market guidelines. These illegal online operators will have to pay some hefty fines to get their sites to be considered legitimate by the Romanian government. The taxes can be as high as 20% of all their previous earnings over the last five years.

That may actually prevent many of them from stepping forward and trying to legitimize their business, but Romania is serious about enforcing new restrictions in the online gambling space.

The new guidelines mostly stipulate fair gambling practices as dictated and overseen by the top gambling regulatory commission in the country. All online operators would also have to acquire a license to operate their business legitimately. This is all in an effort to prevent sites from fleecing their customers and ensure fair play across the market.

The requirements for licensure amount to what is more or less an audit of each online operator’s business. The regulatory commissions will look into their records and place appropriate fines on them for violations of fair practices. Once again, this may actually keep many online casino sites from applying for a license. They know that their past practices will be scrutinized. But in the end, it makes a safer marketplace for consumers, and they can simply avoid sites that do not have licensure from the regulatory commission.

It is not surprising that many online casino sites would back out of the Romanian marketplace in light of these new regulations. Some UK companies have already pulled back and stated they are leaving the market due to new regulations. They are not likely to be the last ones to do so. But one can only suspect that such actions will lead to an overall safer though less populated marketplace once the dust on this has all settled.

Still, it is not all doom and gloom for operators looking to do well in the Romanian market. The new regulations have actually opened the market for many investors. They see this as a fresh opportunity and level playing field. Investors in the UK have already expressed interest in entering the Romanian online casino market in light of the changes. This has led to the regulatory commission predicting that revenue will increase for the country considerably with the expected influx. They believe that honest operators will see it for what it is and seize this opportunity, bringing in quite a bit of additional jobs and revenue to the industry within the country.

The National Gambling Office, or NGO, released a lengthy document regarding all the points of the licensing process. It serves as an FAQ on the matter, answering many common questions that operators have about the licensing process- what it entails and how it will benefit them. This is an effort to be forthright with operators and to make sure they know what is involved and how they can go about becoming licensed.

The NGO is actively blocking and penalizing online operators that do not adhere to the new licensing guidelines. Their methods include blocking payments, closing down or blocking domains, hindering affiliates from communication and payment and working with software operators. Their hope is that the efforts they are making will have a positive impact on the economy of Romania and the online casino industry for years to come.

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