Three Casinos Proposed for New Jersey

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Lawmakers in New Jersey are looking to build three new casinos in the state. They have limited the proposed building area to North jersey, since legislatures in southern Jersey have made it clear that they want no mare casinos in their portion of the state.

That is because there is already a large gambling industry in the lower half of New Jersey. What tis already established is struggling to stay profitable, and the increased strain that the proposed new casinos would make on the area could endanger the casinos already in place.

So Assemblyman Ralph Caputo is looking for support and legal sanction to start building casinos in the northern half of the state. He isn’t the first person to come forward recently with plans for new casinos. Many others have put their hat into the ring, including shoe manufacturing giant Reebok.

Reebok actually has very specific plans for a casino, one that is estimated to cost $4 billion. The proposed casino would include a spa, retail centers and a hotel. This casino, if approved, would be built in Jersey City.

The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has already stated that he would support the building of the new casinos in New Jersey. He is fine with North Jersey providing the land for these casinos, but he stipulates that some of the revenue would have to be diverted to Atlantic City and the gambling ecosystem that is already in place there.

Reebok is not the only one planning an expensive casino to be built in New Jersey. Another $1 billion casino is being planned by Hard Rock of Hard Rock Café fame. Their CEO wants a casino to be established somewhere in meadowlands. The casino would feature numerous restaurants, hundreds of table games (blackjack, baccarat, etc.) and thousands of slot machines.

According to Assemblyman Caputo, it would not just be North Jersey that would benefit from the casinos being built. He also estimates that Atlantic City and all of New Jersey will see profits from the endeavor and benefit greatly from the increased revenues that three additional high-class casinos would bring in.

The casinos that hard Rock and Reebok are proposing would not be included in Caputo’s venture, as they are considered separate endeavors. All of these propositions for new casinos are partially in response to the faltering gambling scene in Atlantic City. Many venues in that area have closed recently, and the new casinos may be a way for the disenfranchised workers to find a new job. The new casinos expected to be built over the next few years are estimated to be able to provide anywhere from twenty to thirty thousand new jobs.

This would easily pick up all the workers displaced from closed venues throughout Atlantic City, though it may not be possible for all of them to make the trip to the new casinos or even wait out the construction of these casinos in their present locations and conditions.

But the casinos that are proposed are seen more as long-term fixes for the current gambling economy crisis in New Jersey rather than a quick fix. Until these are approved, those who are suffering under the current clime will simply have to make due.

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